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Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder

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Product Main Details

  • Product size: φ6×160mm
  • Main material: ABS, stainless steel
  • Gravity sensitive grinding, no need to press a button, tilt and grind
  • Indicator light for instant grinding and clear visibility of the amount poured in
  • Ceramic core, hard, wear resistant, long life
  • Grinding head on the top, the powder is not easy to fall, clean and hygienic
  • Manual adjustment, free control of coarseness and fineness
  • Concealed silo design, can hold 85ml seasoning, large capacity
  • Plastic stainless steel combination, more elegant
  • Dry battery style, high cost performance

Product list

  • Grinder*1
  • Battery*4
  • Package box*1
  • Operation Manual

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