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【Excellent Design】The transparent side window design of this electric pepper grinder makes the salt or pepper closer to the ceramic grinding blade, which not only grinds faster, but also reduces residue, so it is more suitable for humid environment and will not get moldy. With a refillable design, it can be easily replenished by simply pressing the protective case, perfect for cooking or grilling, a perfect addition to the kitchen, and beautifully packaged to give as a gift.
【One Hand Operation】This automatic gravity pepper grinder can be operated with one hand, the stainless steel body and texture are perfect for your hands, just flip the grinder to enjoy freshly ground spices! It also adds an independent switch design , Prevent the grinder from being accidentally hit and start automatically. Runs up to 5 years on 4 AAA batteries.
【Adjustable Pepper Grinder】The electric pepper grinder comes with an adjustable infinite rotation button, which can be easily adjusted to choose the thickness of spice, salt or pepper grains to make food more delicious.
【Blue LED Light】The blue light is not only bright and soft, you can't imagine how warm and romantic it will be when you have dinner with your family or your lover; just twist your wrist, the blue light will light up and you can see you The amount of salt and pepper to put into the food.

2 products
2 products